Why we offer web design and development services?

In today’s world, web design and development specialists are essential for any business. The majority of people searching for a particular service or product head straight for the internet as their primary source of information. Your company could be the best in the business, but if you don’t have a web presence nobody knows you exist. This is the reason for which every business out there needs a website. This is the reason for which our company provides only high quality web designs and development services.

So all you need is a web design company?!

You need a web design and development company that knows what it’s doing! A website will surely make it easier for your target market to find your business, but this is not all. If the website is not easy to navigate, the visitor will dump you straight away. The amount of patience that people have while searching for a product/service on the internet is very small, so the average surfer will spend approximately 10 seconds on a website SCANNING the page for the information that he/she is interested in. If the visitors cannot find the information they will continue searching on another site. That’s why our web design and development company is one of the few in Ireland that designs websites around the target market that you want. Our designers are specialists in selecting the colors, fonts, shapes and so on, that appeal to your target market.

Why would you choose our web design and development company?

Because these are only a few of the factors that decide if your website will attract new business or it will be just another website that nobody cares about. At BrightPoint Designs, our specialists know how to create your website in order to bring you new business. We are up to date with all the studies that show how people behave when they surf the web and we employ all these techniques when we create websites. We ultimately believe that a website should provide functionality, reinforce the brand of your business and convince the customer to try your services/products. We also offer several other services that are designed to satisfy the needs of your company. For example:

  • We design and facilitate printing of
    • Business Cards
    • Headed paper
    • Promotional material (flyers, posters, pop-up stands, yearly magazines, notebooks, folders, usb sticks with company logo, etc)
  • We create and implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies

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