About the Project

Scurri.co.uk is a Saas company that specialises in delivering shipping solutions for eCommerce companies that seek to ship their products at the lowest possible price, anywhere in the world.

The company asked for a website that would showcase their different capabilities, employ a fresh design and most of all, increase the number of leads that the website generates.

In order to deliver on these requirements, we had to:

  • design 18 bespoke pages
  • change the colour scheme
  • design and implement the customer journey
  • strategically position Calls to Action that would direct the visitor towards interacting with the sales staff
  • ensure that the website would load in less than 3 seconds
  • design and develop landing pages aimed at attracting specific types of visitors
  • implement a chat system and create a multitude of contact forms that would encourage the visitor to interact with the sales staff
  • ensure that the SEO for the old pages would be transferred to the new pages
  • integrate the contact forms with Mailchimp
  • ¬†build the website on a WordPress platform in order to allow the customer to manage the website by himself if he so wishes
  • train ¬†key staff in how to manage and make changes to the website


We are happy to announce that less than 2 months after the deployment of the new website, Scurri is seeing a monthly increase of 300% in B2B leads.